Beast of Bloxworth Disclaimer:

Participants must accept this online Beast of Bloxworth disclaimer.

They accept that these activities are dangerous and can results in death or serious injury. Participants accept these risks and are responsible for their own actions/involvement.

The minimum safety equipment we recommend is:
• Safety helmet
• Eye protection
• Upper body protection
• Gloves
• Covered arms/legs and elbow/knee/shin pads
• Boots/other suitable footwear

Participants may choose not to wear the above equipment but do so at their own risk.

When approaching obstacles, participants are required to assess the obstacle and deem is safe and within their physical capabilities. If deemed unsafe or outside of their physical capabilities, they are to bypass the obstacle and proceed to the next.

Participants will be travelling though woodland and streams, and are to assess their route and choose the safest option, avoiding trip hazards, etc.

Headphones or similar are not to be worn on this course

All participants must be on site by 9.30am ready for the course starting time of 10.30am